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A Recommitment to Education and Professional Learning

Educators have felt the pain of the past year acutely. We urge policymakers to recognize that educators require critical investments to educate every student. Our students are experiencing our nation’s longstanding inequities more acutely than ever. The pandemic compounds our collective need for support.

Now is the time for a new beginning. Education must be a focal point of government efforts to come together, heal, and improve our world. Only when every student enjoys access to great teaching and learning will we have a thriving, equitable, and just society.

Therefore, we call on local, state, and federal governments to appropriately devote substantial resources towards the following educational priorities:

  1. Emergency COVID relief funding for schools and school districts
  2. Effective, job-embedded, and ongoing professional learning delivered using technology tools
  3. Social and emotional supports for educators and students
  4. Home broadband connectivity and appropriate learning devices for all educators and students

Every educator has the right to experience great learning every day. Every student has the right to experience great teaching every day. Our future depends on it.

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Advocacy updates:

New bill offers a good start on defining PD

By Stephanie Hirsh | December 18, 2015

Overall, we are satisfied with the definition that is included in Every Student Succeeds Act, though we believe that effective professional learning requires more than what the bill describes.

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Evidence, evidence, evidence

Evidence of impact is not optional. From your ESSA plans to Title II to talking with your district superintendent, everyone wants to know when professional development is making an impact and how you know. Learning Forward is here to help. We invite you to join your peers from across the U.S. to share your successes here.

Tell us what Title II funds in your school or district, and most important, what outcomes you see as a result. Outcomes might include improved graduation rates or assessment scores, improvements for specific populations of students, or other indicators that students are experiencing more meaningful learning.

ESSA Toolkits

A New Vision For Professional Learning: A Toolkit to Help
States Use ESSA to Advance Learning and Improvement
This toolkit helps leaders leverage professional learning as
an essential tool in overcoming systemic inequities and guaranteeing
excellence for all.




Agents for Learning Toolkit: A Guide to Amplifying Teacher
Voice and Stakeholder Engagement.
This toolkit suggests ways to cultivate teacher voice and agency in policy decisions and the implementation of professional learning.

Webinar series: Speak up for Title II

Learning Forward hosted a series of advocacy webinars designed to help educators build their advocacy skills. Each free webinar provides background information, the legislative status of Title II, and offers practical steps for how you can engage in this critical fight.

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