This week Learning Forward was excited to send the welcome letter below to the new Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, in partnership with Learning Forward Connecticut. We look forward to more opportunities to connect with the new Secretary and his staff to offer our support in ensuring high-quality professional learning plays a critical role in the Department’s agenda to ensure all students experience equity and excellence in schools across the U.S.

March 3, 2021

Dear Secretary Cardona:

On behalf of Learning Forward and Learning Forward Connecticut, we are writing to congratulate you on your appointment as U.S. Secretary of Education. Learning Forward and its affiliates represent more than 40,000 educators all of whom are dedicated to high quality professional learning. Your leadership and expertise are critical as we rebuild the education system in this country. Additionally, your focus on equity and providing opportunities for students of color, students from low-income communities and otherwise historically underserved students is much needed and strongly supported by Learning Forward and Learning Forward Connecticut.

Professional learning, when done well and when it adheres to the Standards for Professional Learning as well as the federal definition under ESSA, builds the capacity of educators to implement high quality curriculum, effectively engages students of all backgrounds and abilities, and ensures each student has opportunities to achieve grade-level content standards. Systemwide professional learning is essential to retaining a diverse and highly qualified workforce of teachers, principals and administrators. Every student, regardless of race, zip code, or socioeconomic status, deserves access to caring, effective educators – and educators only become great teachers when supported with ongoing, consistent, job-embedded professional learning. High-quality professional learning is a critical part of building a strong educator workforce, especially where there has been insufficient preservice preparation and where there is a need to retain expert educators. We look forward to working with you and your colleagues at the U.S. Department of Education to increase awareness about the power of professional learning through federal programs, funding streams, research agendas, and practitioner outreach.

​As a former teacher, principal, district leader and state Commissioner of Education, we know that you understand the needs of educators at all levels and recognize the support they will need to ensure that all students have opportunities for rigorous and meaningful learning experiences.  Your commitment to educator support and growth is exactly what is needed to rebuild the U.S. education system.

Learning Forward and Learning Forward Connecticut look forward to working closely with you and the Biden Administration in the coming years to advance knowledge, foster collaboration, and champion the profession so that educators at every level have opportunities to grow and improve their practice.


Denise Glyn Borders                         Paula Talty

President | CEO                                Executive Director

Learning Forward                             Learning Forward Connecticut



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