Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Election 2020 is drawing to a close. It has been a long campaign season and regardless of your political views, it is time to come together around our shared commitment to preK-12 education.

Our children are the future and our educators are their mentors and guides. Ensuring a robust and high-quality public pre-K-12 education system is something on which everyone can agree no matter who they voted for this year. At Learning Forward, we are moving forward to support key education agenda items. At our upcoming Virtual Conference (December 6-8), Learning Forward will launch a new proclamation that calls on policy makers in every jurisdiction to commit resources to four priorities:

  1. Emergency COVID relief funding for schools and school districts
  2. High-quality, job-embedded, and ongoing professional learning facilitated through technology tools to prevent student learning losses
  3. Social and emotional supports for educators and students
  4. Home broadband connectivity and appropriate learning devices for all educators and students

Please join us in calling for support for all educators and students. Let’s take a step toward bridging divides and making new connections. Our children deserve it. Our educators deserve it. Our country deserves it.

Learning Forward President and CEO Denise Glyn Borders served as president of SRI Education, a division at SRI International, where she led three centers – Learning and Development, Technology and Learning, and Education Policy. Previously, Borders was senior vice president and director of the U.S. Education and Workforce Development Group at FHI 360, a global human development organization with an evidence-based research approach.