Stephanie Hirsh, executive director of Learning Forward, issued the following statement about the budget proposed by the Trump administration.

“With the release of President Trump’s budget, it is clear that this administration is not committed to ensuring all students have equitable access to effective educators. When those of us who work on behalf of educators first saw the outline of President Trump’s proposed budget two months ago, we expressed our concern that as a nation we would undermine the support teachers and principals need to help students achieve success in school and beyond.

“Learning Forward asked our members and stakeholders to document the impact that the loss of Title II funds would have on their schools. We heard from more than 350 educators across almost all 50 states, and each detailed the impact of the funds on educators and their students. For some educators, this support comes in the form of instructional coaches who help teachers adapt and refine instructional strategies to differentiate instruction for students. For others, Title II funds provide mentors to work alongside new teachers building their professional expertise. For others, the professional learning they experience helps them pinpoint precise student challenges in order to identify research-based solutions. As a result of such investments, more students graduate ready for college and career, our stakeholders tell us. Educators see real and measurable impacts in how teachers teach and in how well students learn.

“This budget proposal demonstrates that the White House is guilty of education malpractice, withholding the support educators require to ensure all students meet high academic standards.

“The research is clear – effective leadership and teaching are the number one and number two factors in student achievement. Eliminating Title II funding means that educators in school districts across the nation will lose direct support to give students what they need to learn effectively.

“As Congress moves forward with the budgeting process in the coming months, Learning Forward will continue to work hand-in-hand with educators on the ground in schools to demonstrate the necessity of ongoing support for all educators for the sake of the children they teach. Surely members of Congress share our belief that all students deserve great teaching – we call on them to reject the Administration’s proposed elimination of Title II and instead support full funding of the program at $2.295 billion.”

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