Re-imagining the Learning Forward journal

Dallas, TX – December 13, 2016 — Learning Forward’s journal is undergoing a redesign and improvement process. We get feedback and input that members value many aspects of JSD, which will remain components of the publication, including:

  • A core of articles around a relevant theme.
  • Ready-to-use tools and links to relevant reports.
  • Articles that link research to practitioner concerns.

Improvements will include:

  • A stronger emphasis on member and practitioner voices.
  • More tools and advice that respond to reader questions and specific challenges.
  • Greater flexibility to address timely topics.
  • An updated look and feel.

One major change will be the name of the magazine. JSD will become The Learning Professional.

We’re making this change because:

  • We need to bring the journal, our organization’s flagship communications vehicle, in line with all other Learning Forward resources. Learning is front and central in the name of our organization, is central to our vision, and the new name aligns the journal with the entire organization.
  • The new name highlights the people we reach and feature. We consider our profession the learning profession, we put learning first, and we know our members do as well. Members have many titles in their schools, systems, and organizations, whether coach, principal, director of professional learning, or technical assistance provide. What they have in common is that they are learning professionals. They lead learning, model learning, and study learning for the benefit of all educators and students.
  • JSD is outdated — originally it was the Journal of Staff Development and for the past 15 years has gone by the initials. Many members though still call it by its older name, using a term that represents an outmoded and largely ineffective concept of the learning we expect all educators to experience daily
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