2015 Hord Award winner

Alonso High School is the largest school in Hillsborough County Schools. The school’s
Instructional Leadership Team is a cross-curricular team focused on implementing a system of professional learning and support to improve results for all learners.

The team will be recognized at Learning Forward's 2015 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, December 5-9.

"Hillsborough County Schools has made a commitment to being an innovative professional learning system, and this commitment is reflected in the work of the Instructional Leadership Team at Braulio Alonso High School,” said Learning Forward Executive Director Stephanie Hirsh. “The team’s collaborative leadership is contributing to a culture of continuous improvement that is improving teaching practices and student achievement."

“Our school’s ILT members have inspired their colleagues to open their classrooms for collegial observations; to collaborate across content areas; to plan with the end in mind; to share research-based instructional strategies that will assist struggling students; and to look at student work samples to track trends across the curriculum and to determine teacher professional development needs,” said, Larissa McCoy Mitti, assistant principal for curriculum at Braulio Alonso High School. “More important, they have motivated their colleagues to effectively implement our state standards so that our students, and our school, can experience success.”

“The members of this professional learning community engage with student data that guides their instructional decisions,” said Learning Forward Scholar Laureate Shirley Hord. “There is abundant contribution and exchange of information, ideas, suggestions from each member of the community. They continue their own learning to improve their skills as a learning community, and their learning is directly related to their students’ needs in order that they more effectively teach all students, so students learn well. Congratulations to Alonso High School and its multiple communities of professional learners!! I celebrate you and your work for students’ success."


Braulio Alonso High School in Tampa,
Florida has won the 2015 Shirley Hord
Learning Team Award. The award is
presented annually by Corwin and
Learning Forward in celebration of a
learning team that reflects Learning
Forward's definition of professional learning.

About Shirley Hord

Shirley Hord focused her ground-breaking researchon the impact of professional learning communities. Her research teams identified the attributes of effective learning teams and benefits to staff and students of collaborative learning. Later in her career she focused on assisting schools and districts in building structures and acquiring strategies for this form of professional learning. Shirley, who passed away on October 15, 2019, served as Learning Forward's scholar laureate.