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Standards Assessment Inventory 2

Ensuring that professional learning systems offer all educators the support they need to improve their practices and increase student achievement requires a sophisticated instrument. State, provincial, regional, and local school systems can use the Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2) to assess the quality of their professional learning.

The SAI2 is intended to:

  • Provide information to systems that need to understand teachers’ perceptions of professional learning;
  • Reveal the degree of success or challenges systems face with professional learning practices and implementation; and
  • Provide decision-makers with data on the quality of professional learning as defined by the Standards for Professional Learning, a system’s alignment of professional learning to the standards, and the relationship of the standards to improvements in educator effectiveness and student achievement.

Revised this year to align with the 2011 Standards for Professional Learning, SAI2 is a valid and reliable instrument designed to ensure that a school system’s professional learning has the essential attributes to change educator practice and student results.

Taking the SAI2 to understand the quality of a system’s professional learning is just the first step. The Learning Forward Center for Results guides educators through data interpretation and action planning. Systems can leverage data from the SAI2 to guide the planning, facilitation, implementation, and evaluation of professional learning to maximize its impact and investment.

Technical Report:
Redesign and Psychometric Evaluation of the Standards Assessment Inventory
Written by AdvancED researchers for Learning Forward, this study provides strong preliminary support of the construct validity and reliability of the redesigned Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI2).

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