JSD Themes for 2015

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Theme: Professional learning for literacy
Manuscript deadline: May 15, 2015
Issue: December 2015


Many schools, districts, provinces, states, and countries have determined that a focus on literacy is critical to improving student achievement at every school level. For this issue, JSD editors will consider articles that address these questions and other related themes:

  • What professional learning is particularly effective in improving educators’ knowledge and skills in literacy at any level?
  • What professional learning practices help schools or systems sustain and succeed with a literacy focus?
  • How can professional learning help teachers unfamiliar with literacy content integrate a literacy focus in any class?
  • What elements of a school or system’s culture, context, or resources support a literacy focus in professional learning?
  • Where are there examples of schools or systems that have improved student achievement through a focus on professional learning in literacy?

JSD editors are always concerned with articles that show evidence that the professional learning described leads to improved student outcomes.