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Jun 30, 2012

Published on February 1, 2012

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Up close: Deep smarts start here  Download Now

  • Connecting the standards
  • Are educators finding time for learning?

The bottom line on excellence: A guide to investing in professional learning that increases educator performance and student results  Download Now

With the current challenges to school funding, it is crucial that education agencies carefully examine their investments in professional learning.
By Joellen Killion , Stephanie Hirsh 

841 square miles of commitment: Districtwide plan makes professional learning a priority   Download Now

Duval County (Fla.) Public Schools' professional learning budget has almost doubled since 2003 -- with measurable results in student achievement. (Available to the public.)
By Nancy Ames Slabine 

The power of 2: Partnership paves the way for teacher leadership academy   Download Now

Auburn School District in Washington state gets maximum impact from its resources by focusing on teachers' instructional leadership skills with help from an external partner.
By Jeanne Harmon , Kip Herren , Rod Luke , Terese Emry

Tight budget loosens creativity: School turns to distance learning to stretch development dollars  Download Now

Through videoconferencing, an elementary school in Texas finds a creative way to sustain its professional learning initiatives on a shrinking budget.
By Sue Chapman 

Never underestimate the value of connections: Social capital's strength lies in expertise, reciprocity, and relevance  Download Now

According to social capital theory, teacher conversations must be characterized by expertise, reciprocity, and relevance in order to best support teacher learning.
By Wes Johnson 

Eyes on the prize: A struggling Wisconsin school forges a steady path toward academic achievement   Download Now

A once-failing school makes creative use of resources to promote student achievement and meet its goal of reaching Adequate Yearly Progress.
By Jane Antonovich , Kelly Jones , Deborah Hoffman 

The 3 R's of learning time: Rethink, reshape, reclaim  Download Now

Schools that are part of the Learning School Alliance have found creative ways to embed time for collaborative learning into their school days. (Available to the public.)
By Shera Carter Sackey 

Does your school have a Doug Franklin? Teachers can be the most important resource in the building  Download Now

Teachers' knowledge, skills, and attitudes are the real treasures that can enrich a professional learning community.
By Linda K. Hoy , Janice Bradley , Julie Horwitz 


From the editor  Download Now

(Available to the public.)
By Tracy Crow 

Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the field  Download Now

  • New vision for teaching
  • Hear from the experts
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Results-oriented teaching
  • Evaluation reform
  • Distance education
  • Framework for development
  • Tackling turnover

Tool: Analyze and plan professional learning investments  Download Now

Cultural proficiency  Download Now

Face-to-face interaction is best for developing cultural literacy. (Available to the public.)
By Sarah W. Nelson , Patricia L. Guerra 

@ Learning Forward   Download Now

  • Grant supports Common Core initiative
  • Book Club selection
  • On Board: Kenneth Salim on being a visionary and a realist
  • Put your team in the spotlight
  • Learning Forward calendar
  • Help us improve our website
  • New membership options
(Available to the public.)
From the director  Download Now

(Available to the public.)
By Stephanie Hirsh 


The effective principal: 5 pivotal practices that shape instructional leadership   Download Now

After reviewing its body of research and field experiences, The Wallace Foundation pinpoints five practices central to effective school leadership. 
This article is sponsored by The Wallace Foundation. (Available to the public.)
By Pamela Mendels