Advocating for High-Quality Professional Development

Education Advocacy Toolkit

We believe that affecting the policy context is critical to achieving our purpose. Therefore we have designed this toolkit to help you become an effective advocate for sound federal education policy. Developed by B & D Consulting, this 24-page guide answers questions about who you should contact, what your message should be, and how to deliver the message.

Advocacy Tip

There is truth in the idea of strength in numbers. One letter to one congressperson is great, but if you truly believe something, mobilize like-minded believers to ACT by writing letters, making calls, and speaking out for an issue. 

What can you do?

NSDC Policy Points

Made possible through funding from College Board, NSDC Policy Points, a four-page newsletter, was created to help members of Congress and their staffs develop greater understanding of government's role in supporting teacher learning that directly affects student achievement. We invite members to share these newsletters with state-level policy makers and other key decision makers within their own spheres of influence.

Learning Forward's Definition of Professional Development

Working with our allies and advocates, we created a new definition of professional development for use in the reauthorized version of ESEA. Federal policy makers have the opportunity to promote a significant improvement in teaching quality in American schools by supporting legislation that will strengthen the quality of educators’ professional learning.

Read the full definition here.