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The Learning Forward Foundation is dedicated to impacting the future of leadership in schools that act on the belief that continuous learning by educators is essential to improving the achievement of all students. The monies raised by the foundation provide grant opportunities and scholarships for individuals, schools or teams, principals, and superintendents to further Learning Forward's purpose, "Every educator engages in effective professional learning every day so every student achieves."

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Scholarship-Grant The Learning Forward Foundation offers several grant and scholarships for educators working to advance the Standards for Professional Learning. Learn about opportunities for school leaders, Learning Forward affiliates, learning teams, and individuals applying for
the Learning Forward Academy. Learn more and apply today!

Award Winners Announced

The Board of Learning Forward's foundation is proud to award the 2014 grants and scholarships to outstanding members who work diligently each day to achieve our vision. Read about the award categories and recipients.

The foundation's work in advancing Learning Forward's vision is made possible through generous donations and the passionate commitment of the teams, organizations, and individuals supported by grants and scholarships. Donate today to support these grants and scholarships.

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Your donations raised $43,000... and we thank you!

This year, the Learning Forward Foundation offered some amazing prizes for those who made donations small and large. The winners were drawn at the Dallas Executive office. The Learning Forward Comprehensive Membership went to Ed Tobia. The 5-day conference registration went to Dana Carmichael. The 2-night stay at the Arizona estate went to Kathryn Kee. The weekend in a downtown Chicago condo went to Betty Burks and the weekend in a San Diego condo was awarded to Ann Conzemius! Thanks to all who donated to the foundation to support grants and scholarships. Haven't made a donation? Make your donation today!

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The Foundation supports Learning Forward's purpose through several scholarship and grant opportunities.

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